“Manage” is a verb; an action word

Your financial situation will not magically cure itself or become simple and easy to understand unless you take action to do something about it–like contact me for help.  No one’s financial situation is too small or too large for me to handle.  I’ve seen it all and helped people in many different kinds of situations.  Please take a look at my Testimonials page for a few examples.

Without even meeting you, the first thing I know about you, my target client, is that you are overwhelmed or frightened by your financial situation.  That’s why my first task is to meet with you and calm you.  Your situation is not a crisis (unless you continue to ignore it).  Facing bankruptcy?  Join the crowd.  Millions of others have gone before you and have lived to tell the tale.  It may or may not be a viable option for you.  Lost your job? Now more than ever you need to figure out ways to decrease your expenses.   Facing foreclosure?  There are many options available to you.

If none of those very frightening situations apply to you, then rejoice!  You just need someone like me to help you organize and manage your money so that it works for you.

I will teach you how to manage your money or I can do it for you, whichever works best for you.

Contact me now for a complimentary consultation!

The Dreaded “B” Word

 The letter Budget. No! Not that! Anything but that!

John C. Maxwell, leadership expert, author and speaker, says, “A budget is just telling your money where to go, instead of wondering where it went.”

Managing your money is a lot better than letting it manage you.  Example:

  • You managing your money: “If we stop eating out for 7 months, we’ll save $500 per month and have $3500 to pay for that trip to Cancun.”
  • Your money managing you: “There is no way we can afford a trip to Cancun.”

 Which one sounds better to you? I will help you untangle the mess that might be your current financial situation in order to make sense of your cash flow.  Knowledge is power.  Until you actually know and understand your income and expenses, you cannot make wise decisions about vacations, college, buying a new car or house, investing, remodeling, or anything else that involves a significant amount of money.

Managing money means making prudent decisions. For many people, the very idea of addressing their financial issues is overwhelming.  That’s why I’m in business.  I help people by slowly and methodically organizing their finances.  Trying to race through this process would cause further stress and anxiety, which is something that no one needs.

The budget I referred to above? That’s step 5 or 6; nothing to worry about now.

The first step is to meet with you and gain your confidence and trust.  No pressure, no fear.  Please read my Testimonials to see how I’ve helped others and how comfortable they felt working with me.


The Dreaded “D” Word

san diego money managersProperly managing money is all about the details! (This is the point at which people’s eyes usually glaze over.)

But I love working with details, so you don’t have to.  Numbers and expense categories must be accurate in order for your finances to make sense to you.  If I see a charge or a receipt from Shell, I know that you bought gas (unless you tell me it was a kilo of candy bars).  If you have more than one car, do you want to know how much gas costs for each car individually?  If so, I will create two different categories:  Auto1 and Auto2.

Many merchant charges easily fall into one category:  Ralph’s (Groceries), Olive Garden (Dining Out), ABC Smog Check (Auto Maintenance), XYZ Mortgage Company (Mortgage), Max’s Maids (Housekeeping).

It gets a little more complicated when you make purchases at merchants that sell multiple types of products such as Target, Walmart and Costco.  Did you buy a refrigerator (Major Appliance), a trip (Vacations) and/or groceries at Costco?  What exactly did you buy at Fry’s?  There are so many possibilities and the receipts from these stores are frequently indecipherable.

Betsy’s Blog

Hi there!  This is my first blog post and I’m not sure what to write.  I will tell you about myself and how I became so passionate and skilled at working with numbers.

First of all, I was always the “Banker” in Monopoly; that was an early sign.   I enjoyed and excelled in math in high school and aced the AP Calculus test.

I graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in psychology.  Why psychology?  Because it fascinated me and I wanted to learn more. I gave no thought as to how I would actually earn money with a degree in psychology.  I took a 400-level Statistics class as a freshman and loved it.  The class was very, very difficult, but I adored working with the numbers and the certainty of it all.  I took two classes in the Business College and found that I really enjoyed the material, but I never considered changing majors.  If I knew then what I know now, right? After graduating, I spent almost a year working in the field of psychology and discovered that I hated it.  A lot.

When I was 23 years old, I came to California on vacation and fell in love.  Year-round sunshine, mountains, beaches, temperate weather, the people, the excitement of getting far away from Michigan.  I was in the right place at the right time, and knew the right people, so I landed a job as a Business Systems Analyst at a huge financial institution that bought and sold mortgages on the secondary market. I knew nothing about creating computer systems or mortgage banking.  My learning curve was at 90 degrees for about eight months when I suddenly understood everything.  It all clicked into place and I loved it.

Designing computer systems required precise, logical thinking.  Mortgage banking was all about finance and numbers.  The numbers had to be accurate and meaningful to several different departments and I really enjoyed the creativity required to develop reports that would be helpful to each department.  I was promoted to Project Manager where I coordinated the efforts of several analysts and programmers. The organized, logical part of my brain was ignited!

On a more personal note:  I am passionate about living in San Diego, travel (especially to Italy), Michigan football and cats (big and small).  My cat, Max, is a Maine Coon and he will be my assistant in this blog-thing. I didn’t ask him, he just offered.  If you like cats, I highly recommend www.simonscat.com.   Or watch the very short videos on YouTube.

I’d like to thank my sister, Tara Keezer, for her editing expertise.   I wrote what I thought was right and sent it to her. Then she bled all over it with red ink edited all of the text (except for this page) so that my message was as clear as possible.  Tara designed my vector, too.  I’d also like to thank my website creator, Chris Johnson, at www.WebmasterDeveloper.com.  She was incredibly patient with me and has provided me with the website of my dreams.  She is also the photographer of my portraits.  The other photos on my website were taken by me in the perfect month of October in my home town (except for the one above — Michigan doesn’t have palm trees).



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