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I am the Treasurer of virtually every volunteer organization to which I belong, because I have the know-how and passion to ensure a group’s long-term financial stability. I enjoy organizing my own and others’ finances, and have done so since 1983, both as an employee and as a volunteer.

I began my career as a Business Systems Analyst and Project Manager. I designed custom software to support the business of mortgage banking. The systems I designed efficiently and accurately maintained a $1 billion portfolio of mortgages. For eight years, I excelled at and was promoted in that field.

When my daughter was born, I left the workforce to be a full-time mom until she started attending a non-profit Montessori school. My involvement with the school began with attending school board meetings and joining the PTA. Soon I was hired as the school’s Finance Director, and in that position, I automated their manual financial procedures, including accounts receivable and payable, which saved tens of thousands of dollars per year. I also created a new electronic funds transfer (EFT) tuition system and a $1 million budget, including a $750,000 payroll.

I coordinated all purchase orders, managed and reconciled eight bank accounts, teacher education accounts and petty cash. I developed written practices and procedures for anything having to do with cash flow (classroom budgets, special events, fundraisers, salaries, purchases). I single-handedly negotiated a refinance of the school’s mortgage, which saved over $50,000 per year. I created dozens of easy-to-understand reports for Teachers, the Head of the School, the Board of Directors and outside governing agencies.

I became the Treasurer, then the President, of the PTA and co-chaired the Annual Fundraiser. I was also elected to the School Board where I served as Treasurer and Vice-President as well as sat on the Operations and Scholarship committees. All of my jobs have been in the areas of financial management and organization.

Now I want to assist individuals and families with their monthly cash flow. I want to make your finances clear and understandable. I will help you manage your money so that it works for you, instead of just increasing your daily stress.

My first priority is to earn your trust, because discussing money is a very personal and private matter that I take very seriously. I am professional, discrete and trustworthy, and I look forward to talking to you and learning how I can help. I invite you to read my Testimonials page.

I am not a CPA and I don’t do income taxes. I can, however, help you with most of your tax questions. I can recommend a good financial planner for people who need help with their long-term financial goals (education, vacations, retirement, etc.).

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