san diego money managementI really appreciate Betsy Young’s financial advice and expertise. I needed advice on personal budgeting and savings, strategies for paying down debt, and planning for our future. Betsy helped me identify what I am already doing that is successful and made practical suggestions that are easy to implement. No matter where you are in your financial planning, Betsy Young can help you get started or be more effective. I wholeheartedly recommend her financial services. — Lynn K.

san diego money managementMy problem was not lack of money, but where to best spend it. I felt lost. I needed help with managing my accounts and financial planning (saving for the future). Upon Betsy’s advice, I opened a new account at a credit union and I was able to get a car loan I never thought I would at a very low interest rate. I am now driving a certified, pre-owned hybrid. It has been since high school that I have had a new and dependable car! The help I received from Betsy in the couple of hours we worked together helped my finances immeasurably. — Deborah S.
san diego money managementI’m a stay at home mom with two small children, I’ve also worked part time as an independent contractor for the last 10 years. I never kept any records or logs of any kind. I just got by, with a ton of anxiety! Six months ago my husband and I applied for a loan for a house. The bank informed me that unless I had some sort of records of my income we would not qualify. Thank goodness for Betsy! She was patient, worked around my busy schedule and helped me put together an organization plan I can stick with. She was wonderful at making things simple and even showed me how to use Excel for my data entry, which is big coming from a girl who hardly knows how to use an IPhone. Now we have the right documents to move forward with our mortgage. And I have a lot less anxiety when it comes to tax time. All thanks to Betsy! — Angella D.
san diego money managementI hired Betsy to help me apply for survivor benefits from the federal government after my husband died of multiple cancers directly related to the excessive radiation he was subjected to in the US Army. Her assistance was invaluable. She had to navigate and understand the complicated requirements stated on the Atomic Veterans website, obtain dozens of forms from various government and medical agencies and organize the very lengthy application. Once the application was properly assembled, she submitted it to the Department of Justice (DOJ) for review. I was told by a DOJ representative that applications are rarely received in the proper format with all of the required documentation and as such, applicants might have to wait six months or more for their awards. However, due to Betsy’s meticulous attention to detail and her excellent organizational skills, I received my award in four months. She was a pleasure to work with and I was very grateful for her help. She, with great kindness, kept me focused during this very difficult time. I would not hesitate to hire her again. — Beth A.
san diego money managementI worked with Betsy Young at a local non-profit organization. She was the Treasurer and I worked under her supervision. I had no prior experience at this position. The work I had to do was very detailed and I did not know how to use the software required for the job. Betsy was patient with me. She was able to teach me many new skills in which organization and accuracy were of utmost importance. She was always organized, detail-oriented and honest. — Colleen S.
san diego money managementBetsy managed my family’s finances for many years. We had nearly a dozen bank, credit card and loan accounts with many different financial institutions. She automated everything using Quicken and several Excel spreadsheets. She always paid our bills accurately and on time. She automated as many accounts payable as possible, thereby saving time and money. She also automated accounts receivable. She reconciled our financial data to the penny every month and she produced several different reports so we could analyze where we could increase income and decrease expenses. She even created amortization schedules to ensure that our lenders were applying our loan payments correctly. When there was a problem, she was on top of it immediately. She is very organized, accurate, detailed and discreet. — Raymond J.
san diego money managementWhen Betsy and I first started working together my finances were a wreck! I had money all over the place instead of in one central location where I could keep an eye on it. We even discovered an additional large sum of money I didn’t realize I had because I never notified my former employers when my address changed! This stunned me! After working with Betsy I now know where my money is going and how I am spending it. I still have a ways to go to living on a better budget but have made huge progress towards my financial goals. I definitely couldn’t have done it without her; she has been instrumental in this life change for me. Thank you, Betsy. — Lisa E
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